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At GT HOSES we believe that we are more than just an organisation.

In short, we are members of the local community. And therefore with that comes a responsibility to play a supporting role in local sports, charities and civic programs. By giving support and backing, GT HOSES plays an essential role in allowing these organisations to continue improving people’s lives and prospects.

GT HOSES has a three-prong approach to philanthropy:

  • Individual – We support those who work to raise funds and give support to others
  • Local – Supporting local charities and groups in the Central Highlands region
  • Global – Support charities that help the global tribe

By recognising the different approaches allows GT HOSES to use resources as effectively as possible and ensure we can be ready to assist whenever and whomever needs us the most.  For example, we loved supporting the unusual and creative event,  Headfusion Hair & Makeup Runway Show. This was an inaugural event to raise much needed funds for Headspace.

GT HOSES is proud to have helped the following community groups and charities throughout our years of operation.

There are many more groups and individuals that we support.  The list is so long  and each one means a lot to us.

If you are part of a group or an individual who is working towards improving the lives of others. Please contact us our 24/7 service number 07 4987 7790.


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