Being a market leader means providing a superior level of service, exceeding customer expectations, and maintaining a reputation for reliability amongst our customers and competitors.

We can’t do all that alone.

Our valued team is made up of:

  • Three full-time hose fitters with more than 15 years of combined experience and a reputation for problem-solving excellence.
  • One full-time administration officer.
  • One part-time manager.
  • A guard dog.


Rach McDowall

 Rach McDowall | Founder & Manager

Being the closet nerd that she is, Rach came to GT HOSES with over 10 years of data-and-information management experience. She gained this from her previous role as the Systems and Analysis Coordinator at The Department of Main Roads, QLD, Australia.  She has also operated a successful agriculture consultancy firm called Como Consulting, where she gained substantial experience in project management, business support and training. There she developed an in-depth knowledge of the best practice required for progressive and substantial farming entities.

These insights have been invaluable throughout the implementation of procedures and processes for GT HOSES. Rach’s thorough knowledge of the business also ensures she can identify and manage risks, while optimising opportunities for growth.
Always eager to lend an ear or an idea, Rach is a member of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD). From 2009 to 2011, she also provided mentorship to the Central Highlands Rural Women’s Action Group (CHRWAG) – a foundation committed to improving local women’s leadership skills.  When she isn’t running GT HOSES, you’ll find Rach cooking up a storm in the kitchen, lending a hand at local fund-raising events, or chasing after her two children. Simply put, she is a multitasking warrior.


Wal McDowall

Wal McDowall | Founder & Hose Fitter

Workers come in many shapes and sizes, but most tend to get their hands dirty working in the field or spending their days making magic behind a computer. It’s rare to find someone who can excel in both – and this is where Wal’s experience sets him apart. From working in the finance industry as an expat in London, to managing a cotton farm in Australia, his diverse range of talents gives him an adept understanding of business – in many forms.

Wal grew up on a property near Meandarra, roughly five hours west of Brisbane, and was surrounded by a very strong connection with rural communities. Since then his work for companies such as Brennan Mayne Agribusiness has only furthered this, seeing him work with individuals from all walks of life.

Wal’s extensive and invaluable experience enables him to contribute to all aspects of GT HOSES with equal vigour. You may find him working in the hose truck one week, but he’ll be managing finances, liaising with suppliers and cementing client relationships the next.

the TEAM

Chris Hilton| Hose Fitter

Chris had a yearning to return to Central Queensland, after being away for many years.  There is something about those who stray, they seem to return eventually.  He joined GT HOSES in late October 2014 and brought with him a tribe, who have all settled into Emerald.

Chris has many talents, other than hose fitting and repairs – his brilliant skill with a welder – the workmanship, the elegant design… do we need to go on. Oh GT HOSES are very lucky.  Having hung up his ‘boiler maker mask’ years ago, we have managed to get him to ‘don’ the mask again.

Chris brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in hose making along with hydraulic experience.





Maree Iwers

Maree Iwers | Administration Officer

Maree grew up in Mackay, Queensland, and has lived in several Central Highlands mining towns throughout her life. But in 1999, she packed her bags and made the big move to Alabama, America. She and her husband lived in the Deep South for 10 years where they raised three beautiful children.

While living in America, the three things Maree missed most were extended family events, Australian food – especially vegemite and meat pies – and a “Hills hoist” (an Australian invention to dry clothes outdoors) because most Americans use a machine to dry their clothes. She and most of the family returned to Australia in 2010, but her daughter had already fallen in love and continues to live overseas.

Maree joined GT HOSES in December 2013, fresh from visiting her latest grandchild in America. She has since made the office a finely tuned hub of “work in” and “invoices out”. Using her ingrained pragmatism and fabulous life experiences.


Krinkles McDowall | Lazy Dog

Krinkles McDowall | Guard Dog

Many people tell us Krinkles doesn’t realise how lucky she is. The life she now leads as head guard dog at GT HOSES is a far cry from her formative years as a working dog.

As a Kelpie, Krinkles was bred as a sheep and cattle working dog. Her role was to aid her owner with the daily routine of mustering and yard work, but she wasn’t much good at this.

A year later, she came to live with Wal and Rach. Initially, being a house pet was beneath her, thanks to the screams of kids and expectation that she was to play with them. But when stock started to arrive from couriers six weeks after GT HOSES started, Krinkles found her true calling.


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