How do we do what we do?  By making the following values an integral part of our day-to-day. We also look for business and individuals to work with who are like-minded  – who are guided by the same values and ethos as us.

We have a firm commitment in:

Customer focus

The customer is number one. We consistently provide an exceptional level of service and continually search for ways to improve the products and deepen the breadth of services we provide. In short, we listen to our customers and adapt to their needs.


We are honest, fair and ethical in everything we do.


We deliver customer service that surpasses expectations by ensuring our team works together to take ownership of jobs. We maintain a reliable line of communication throughout, and foster a safe, conscientious and welcoming environment.


We proactively seek and apply new solutions that enable us to adapt to our customers’ needs – whatever the industry or market changes may be. This innovative spirit echoes right through to our internal processes, which are continuously streamlined as new and practical technology arises.


We are actively involved in the communities around us. Whether we support charities, local sporting events or other local initiatives, we believe we have a responsibility to do our bit.

What’s in a name?

We are often asked where we came up with the name for GT HOSES. We wish we could say it was drawn from a deep and creative process.

In truth, Wal and Rach – the founders of GT HOSES – have a boat called GT. The boat was not named after Gran Turismo (Grand Touring) or for the great times they would enjoy in it … It just had the letters GT written inside a circle next to a big red stripe.

So, when they looked over their deck one morning and saw this ski boat, they had a nostalgic, light-bulb moment. They said, “Let’s call the business GT HOSES.”

The story behind the name almost doesn’t matter – what matters is what GT HOSES means to our customers. When people think of GT HOSES, they think of quality products, timely solutions and customer service that surpasses all expectations.
We’re proud to have built this reputation.


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