Grease and lubrication

In December 2016. GT HOSES bought a local grease and lubrication business called Centalube.  You ask what is Centalube?  It did all things grease and lubrication.  We are fortunate to have Mark Galea, a specialist in the field of grease pump repairs to also have joined our team.

This purchase allows GT HOSES to undertake

  • grease system design, installation and repairs
  • repair grease, oil, diaphragm, large fuel pumps and power packs
  • supply grease pumps and injectors

GT HOSES sources the best products and we now supply  LINCOLN or GRACO products.

Since the purchase we have done a number of grease system repairs ranging from the installation of a bucket wheel to a complete overhaul of the grease system on grader.

GT HOSES also can provide the following products and services

  • MDG41 static testing for hydraulic hoses.
  • undertake hydraulic diagnostics
  • hydraulic cylinder repair
  • identifying and supplying a huge range of hydraulic parts
  • accumulator repairs and nitrogen charging

There is not much we can’t do here at GT HOSES.  If you are unsure of your Grease and lubrication needs, just ask by calling (07) 4987 7790



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